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Information is a website with game data editors (tools) for Grand Theft Auto game series.

The site is run by Jernej L. Also known as "Delfi" which is a experienced programmer and has been programming since 1999. The website is hosted on but is not part of the actual network sites.

You can contact Jernej (programmer and website webmaster) through these 2 email addresses:

Only the Gmail email address works (currently), use it for any kind of contact. You can use another address for MSN Messenger chat.

This website has 2 important policies:

- Zips are obsolete, all new archives use .RAR format and eventually older files will be
converted to .rar format too, if you don't know what is .rar go to, it offers much better compression than ".zip", plus winrar offers much more for same price (compared to winzip)

- No external hosting allowed: no websites are allowed to host files contained here without a permission, this ensures that all downloadable versions of files that people get are always up to date so people don't complain about bugs in older version and claim that they got the latest version of the program from that X site.

IF you are having troubles with programs on this site:
1. try and do the same thing what you did before again, it might be just one-time error.
2. if the problem still exists try and change program settings or restart the program, maybe that will fix it.
3. Some errors can be provoked by pushing the program to its limits, please don't do that, programs are very sensitive and fragile.
4. Sometimes errors can be ignored and the program may function correctly after the error.
5. finally if this problem is still present contact me and try to describe the problem and how to reproduce it, please use these guidelines:

  • If an error box describing the problem in human readable way appears the error may be just a warning or a limitation
  • If the error is named by name and some numbers such as "Acces Violation at 00123450 read of address 00987000" this isn't really helpful to you, isn't it? same applies to me, rewriting all those numbers don't help nobody, just say the error is access violation, how it happened and how can i reproduce it.

Any abuse of this website and / or programs in whole or partially for commercial or harmful purposes is not allowed, by abusing the functionality or any content of this website you allow me to do anything legal or illegal with yours.

If you have any suggestions for improvements or changes:
Just contact me thru email or msn, i'm always open for suggestions, but don't expect me to do miracles or to make something nearly impossible.

Website and content is copyright Jernej L. RSS