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GTA2 Graphics Engine switcher improvements

GTA2 by default runs in directx 6 under hard-coded 16 bit color depth, but has also a default-disabled 3dfx glide renderer. This program enables glide rendering mode, which when used using a Glide to OpenGL wrapper such as zeckensack's Glide wrapper improve the graphics quality and font rendering bugs. You need to use a Glide to OpenGL wrapper such as the one mentioned above, otherwise you won't see any benefits since the game will not find it and default back to directx.

Using a Glide wrapper fixes some annoying bugs, such as glitched font rendering and enables using full 32 bit display color depth, which is not availible in directx 6 which GTA2 uses by default.

Font Glitch, Left = Glide + Opengl, 32 bit, Right = directx 6, 16 bit
comparison of text rendering

Color depth and texture mapping, Left = Glide + Opengl, 32 bit, Right = directx 6, 16 bit (notice how the colors "bleed" in directx mode and the zone panel texture is strangely offsetted at the edges)
This screenshoot is from a yet-to-be-released GTA2 mod.
comparison of ingame rendering

These improvements also apply to cars and custom made modifications, if your custom GTA2 car looked much worse ingame than in graphical editor, now you know why and how to improve it.

Also note, that when you run gta2 manager, it will revert the setting back to directx.

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