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GTA-VC GGMM Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you how to manually install cars into GTA: VICE CITY using GGMM program.


First step is download a car from the internet, i used this neuralite as an example.
the download for neuralite is here, you should review the whole car release here

download and unpack the car archive (may be zip or rar)

go to ggmm in your game's directory, click on the manual car installer

step1.jpg (22728 bytes)


open the car's readme file and search for text lines that are supposed to go into "default.ide", "handling.cfg" or "carcols.dat":

step2.0.jpg (110656 bytes)

copy & paste them into right places in the car installer:

lines.jpg (59693 bytes)

go to the folder where you extracted and drag dff, txd and col files into their places in the window:

step3.jpg (84419 bytes)

alright, we are ready to go, click install and watch the installer do all the work for you.

ohnojpg.jpg (39180 bytes)

oh no, we're not yet there, an error! we must install dmagic1 wheelmod first! do it right away, you are given all instructions where to get it.
you need to install dmagic1 wheelmod only once and is required only for gta3 and vice city, also note - not all cars require dmagic1 wheelmod.

step4.jpg (105446 bytes)

now go and see the new car you just installed:

vierdthing.jpg (142059 bytes)

There seem to be a problem with the textures, let's have a look at them with txd workshop:

bad.jpg (47964 bytes)

Oh no, the txd is a mixtature of 8 and 16 bit images, ggmm can display only 8 bit images properly, but the images should be compressed as DXT aniway for use in GTAVC and san andreas, let's compress them in txd workshop:

txdw.jpg (67620 bytes)

it takes few seconds and we see the images are DXT-ed:

ok.jpg (59856 bytes)

let's install the textures again (and only textures, it is not neccesary to install all files again.

fixing.jpg (75355 bytes)

now we can see the car properly in ggmm and we avoided any possible errors if gta wouldn't like the mixed-format txd, you can also preview different color versions of the car:

finale.jpg (143617 bytes)

And here is the car, finally in your ingame:

ingame.jpg (146297 bytes)

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